Cam Newton's Younger Brother Breaks a Defender's Ankles With a Filthy Spin Move

Cam Newton's little brother is already making a name for himself.

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When your brother is Cam Newton, you have to do something extra impressive to catch the attention of people. And that's exactly what Cam's younger brother Caylin Newton did recently.

Like Cam, Caylin plays quarterback. He's a junior at Grady High School in Atlanta, Ga. And while he's nowhere close to as tall as his 6-foot-5 brother yet (Caylin is just 5-foot-10 at the moment), it looks like he's got his brother's scrambling ability. Just check out the clip above that features him breaking a defender's ankles with a crazy spin move during a recent game.

Does this mean Caylin is destined for greatness? Eh. He'll have to keep doing stuff like this over the next few years to hold peoples' attention. But this is definitely a start.

If you've never seen it, here's a video from back in 2011 that features Cam getting ready for the NFL Draft with his mom and brother by his side:

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