Cam Newton Was in No Mood to Talk to Reporters During His Press Conference After Super Bowl 50

Do you blame Cam Newton for being down in the dumps?

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Much is going to be made about the way Cam Newton acted during his post-game press conference following Super Bowl 50 tonight. He offered up short answers, looked like he wanted to be anywhere but sitting in front of reporters, and walked out abruptly at the end of it. But…do you blame him? The guy did just lose the biggest game of his life.

We’re sure the Panthers star will have more to say in the coming days, weeks, and months once he is able to put the game into the proper perspective. But for now, this is pretty much what we would expect from Newton. Or anyone really. Were you expecting more?

Check out Newton's (brief!) press conference in the clip above.

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[via The Big Lead]


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