Brock Lesnar Defeats Mark Hunt by Unanimous Decision at UFC 200

Brock Lesnar fought Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on Saturday night.

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In early June, reports emerged indicating that WWE star Brock Lesnar was interested in making a comeback to the UFC after more than four years away from the Octagon (he lost his last UFC fight to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 in December 2011). A short time later, Lesnar confirmed that he would, in fact, be stepping away from the WWE—briefly—to fight heavyweight Mark Hunt at UFC 200. He said that he was doing it because he "couldn’t live" with his decision to retire from the UFC, and he added that he felt like he was "cheated out of my career in the UFC" due to a battle with diverticulitis towards the end of his tenure with the company. He was also reportedly paid a lot of money to take part in UFC 200.

On Saturday night, Lesnar fought Hunt at UFC 200 and won in somewhat surprising fashion. Lesnar wasn't able to knock Hunt out, but he did earn a unanimous victory to improve to 6-3 as an MMA fighter. And after the match was over, Lesnar did a short interview that featured him addressing his comeback as well as the events that have impacted America over the last week.

"It took me a little while just to get acclimated. Words can’t describe it. Thanks so much," Lesnar said. "One day at a time. I’m so happy being here. One thing I do want to do, America, shout out to the men in uniforms that protect and serve this country. From sea to shining sea, from one white boy to all nationalities, we got to stand together, people."

No word yet on what Lesnar's win against Hunt will mean for his future in the UFC, but as of right now, he is slated to return to the WWE and take part in the company's SummerSlam PPV in August.

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