Attorney for Patrick Kane's Accuser Says Rape Kit Evidence Bag Was Torn Open and Delivered to Accuser's Mother

This is obviously a startling development in this story.

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Early last month, Blackhawks star Patrick Kanewas accused of raping a woman in Buffalo, N.Y. Despite an ongoing investigation into the alleged sexual assault, Kane has taken part in training camp for the Blackhawks this month—and caused plenty of controversy while doing it. But now, there has been a startling new development in the case.

Earlier today, Tom Eoannou, the attorney for Kane's accuser, held a press conference in Buffalo to address a "troublesome" leak that has taken place during the police investigation. According to him, someone was able to access the rape kit evidence bag from the case. That person then ripped it open, went through it, and delivered it to the home of the accuser's mother.

BOMBSHELL: Rape kit evidence bag ripped open, tampered with - lawyer of Kane accuser. @cbschicago

— Brad Edwards (@tvbrad) September 23, 2015

Eoannou is now calling for an independent investigation into what happened.

"I have great concerns with what's going on here," he said during the press conference. "That's why we're calling for an independent investigation by a separate law enforcement agency."

Kane has not been charged with anything as of right now. A grand jury is expected to look at evidence from the case in the coming weeks to decide whether or not criminal charges should be brought up against him. But obviously, this latest development could affect their ability to make a decision.

"Never in 30 yrs. have I ever heard of this," accuser's atty in Kane case. Calling on FBI to investigate. @cbschicago

— Brad Edwards (@tvbrad) September 23, 2015

"In my 30 years plus of being a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have never seen an evidence bag outside of a police lab, the prosecutor's office, or courthouse," said Eoannou, who has suggested that the FBI should get involved. "Let alone find one in the doorway of a rape victim's mother's home."

Eoannou also said told reporters the woman is "devastated" by what has happened.

“She is devastated,” he said. “This is a classic example of why victims don’t come forward in rape cases. This is the worst example of victim bashing that I have seen.”

Stay tuned for additional details.

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