An ESPN Writer is Catching Hell on Twitter Right Now for Calling Lil Reese "Fake"


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Everyone has an opinion on this Lil Reese video today. But, not everyone has taken to their Twitter account to address the Chicago rapper directly. ESPN writer Chris Palmer felt pretty strongly about the video, though. So, he did take the time to include Reese in a tweet earlier today:

As far as fake "rappers" go @lilreese300 is up there. But I move on...

That tweet got re-tweeted more than 800 times in the hours after he put it up. And, as a result, Reese responded to him directly:

@espnchrispalmer Yu don't no me homie but we can meet up and do wateva pussy

Palmer asked Reese to DM him after getting that tweet from him. Reese's loyal followers went in on Palmer's replies. And, next thing we knew, the ESPN writer was trending worldwide on Twitter. Crazy!

Check out some of the wild things that Twitter users sent out after Reese replied to Palmer in the thumbnails. For everyone's sake, let's hope that this blows over quickly—and without anymore "beef" between Palmer and Reese.

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