In the past year, Lil Reese has been one of the prominent new voices coming out of the Chicago drill scene alongside his peers Chief Keef and Lil Durk. Reese inked a deal with Def Jam, received a co-sign from Drake and Rick Ross by way of a remix, and is reportedly working with Drizzy on new music.

But last night, Reese's name was making the rounds for reasons unrelated to his career. A video leaked to the Internet that featured the young Chicago rapper at a house party. After some jawing between him and a young woman, the argument turned violent as he repeatedly punched her. He can then be seen stomping on her once she hit the ground.

Upon learning that the footage had hit the web, Reese responded with the following tweets:

You can watch the video at World Star Hip-Hop. Note: It features violent and graphic imagery.