Adam "Pacman" Jones Thinks NFL Suspensions Prevented Him From Making $100 Million During His Career

His math might be just a bit off.

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There aren't very many NFL players who have made more than $100 million playing football. In fact, you can count all of them on two hands—and almost all of them are quarterbacks.

Despite this, Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones thinks that he could have been a part of the exclusive $100 million club…if not for his dumb off-the-field mistakes. Earlier today, he revealed that, if he hadn't served so many suspensions during his career, he believes he would have nine figures in the bank right now.

"If I would have never gotten suspended, I would have $100 million right now," Jones told reporters.

We think Jones' math is probably a little off here. Yes, he did cost himself quite a bit of money at the start of his career by getting suspended for extended periods of time for making poor decisions (you know, like being at the center of a strip club shooting). And yes, his reputation did take a BIG hit as a result of those decisions. But still, was Pacman really on a path towards making $100 million? Eh, we seriously doubt it.

If he really believes that, though, how the hell does he sleep at night?!

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