Chill With the Kobe Bryant Farewell Gifts

So we won't be seeing any sand sculptures of the Mamba.

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Mariano Rivera's final season wasn't only noteworthy because it was the greatest closer ever saying goodbye. Those gifts! Where is he keeping that rocking chair made of broken bats, that sand sculpture, and that terrible oil panting? It was just too much.

Kobe Bryant ain't got time for all that. The retiring great said that he isn't accepting ceremonies or gifts.

Kobe has requested not to have any on-court ceremonies or gift presentations from opposing NBA teams. He does not want to detract from game.
So NBA teams wanting to honor Kobe when Lakers visit will be limited to video tributes or private moments. Kobe prefers business as usual.

Perhaps Bryant prefers to be the giver. His team gave the Sixers their first win of the season. He's also delivered vintage Kobe. On Wednesday against the Wizards, he scored 31 points on 10-of-24 shooting.

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