As the drama around the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez went on, Mariano Rivera quietly embarked on his farewell season. His final year included a questionably awarded All-Star MVP, a standing ovation at a Boston restaurant, and now, his own sculpture.

The Rays, who beat the Yankees on Friday, gifted Rivera a large sculpture of him. It's made out of sand because of course the Sandman motif must be respected.

It's dope Rivera gets his own sand sculpture, because after all, how many of us gets a sculpture of ourselves made out of anything? That said, whether or not the sculpture actually looks like the famed closer is highly debatable. The piece of work sort of looks like some weird anime humanoid character who happens to be in Yankee attire.

Now that his season is steadily drawing to the close, we'll see what other tributes are in store.

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[via The Big Lead]