Wisconsin Bar Patrons Lost Out on Free Drink Promotion Due to Jets Comeback Win

The Milwaukee pub promised to pay for all open bar tabs if former Packers legend Aaron Rodgers lost his New York debut.

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A Wisconsin bar is hoping to ease the pain of Green Bay Packers fans this season by offering free drinks for every game that Aaron Rodgers' new team, the New York Jets, loses this season.

On Monday, patrons at Jack's American Pub, a bar on Milwaukee's East Side, looked to be well on their way to a night of free drinks after Rodgers suffered a season-ending Achilles tendon tear on the Jets' fourth snap of the new season.

According to local CBS reporter A.J. Bayatpour, the bar exploded in cheers when Rodgers was carted off the field, if only because they believed the Jets chances to win were doomed. As a result of their confidence in the Buffalo Bills pulling out a win against the Rodgers-less Jets, patrons began running up their tabs.

"I'm not necessarily opposed to Rodgers, but tonight, I'm thinking with my wallet instead," one patron told Bayatpour.

This is incredible. A Wisconsin bar offered free drinks if the Jets lost. After Rodgers went down, they started running up their tabs. The news was live when the jets won in overtime and everyone realized they had to pay. pic.twitter.com/1QDVJq9Zlr

— David Hill (@davehill77) September 12, 2023
Twitter: @davehill77

The people hear roared when Rodgers got sacked…and cheered again when they realized he was hurt.

The free booze condition is Rodgers must start the game. Doesn’t say anything about him needing to finish it https://t.co/e0D3XyBXDR pic.twitter.com/FolOHTK9Nd

— A.J. Bayatpour (@AJBayatpour) September 12, 2023
Twitter: @AJBayatpour

Of course, the free drinks promotion was all for naught, as the Jets rallied from a 10-3 deficit to pull out a comeback win highlighted by undrafted rookie Xavier Gipson's 65-yard punt return in overtime.

Thanks to Bayatpour, the local CBS station captured the aftermath of the Jets' improbable win at Jack's American Pub, where those in attendance realized their tabs would have to be paid up.

"The mood has changed considerably," Bayatpour told viewers. "This is the reaction from a bar where people are realizing the bar tabs they've been racking up all night, certainly with Rodgers hurt, the bar was going to be paying that tab."

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