Steph Curry on Sexyy Red Name-Dropping Him on "SkeeYee," Says Favorite Reference Is Drake's "0 to 100"

Curry credited one of his teammates with discovering that he's been name-dropped in over 106 songs.

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Over the past decade, perhaps no NBA player besides LeBron James has been referenced in rap songs as much as Steph Curry.

During a new interview with Vibe, the Golden State Warriors superstar shared his thoughts on being name-dropped in Sexyy Red's viral hit "SkeeYee," where the upstart rapper spits, “My sister in the backseat with a .30/ N****s tryna shoot they shot, Stephen Curry.”

“When Sexxy Red did it, I just started laughing,” he shared. “I don’t know. I had never seen her at a basketball game.” 

Curry continued by sharing a story in which one of his teammates discovered that his name has been used in over 106 songs.

“One of my teammates were asking me the question, ‘How many times do you think your name’s been mentioned in the song?’” he recalled. “And I was like, ‘I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure there’s probably a website or something that could probably count it for you.’ So he went and looked it up and it was like 106 I think at the time, which was wild to me.”

Steph shouted out iconic name drops, including on Drake's "0 To 100 / The Catch Up" and Future's "Mad Max," as some of his favorites, before sharing that he's always interested in seeing how a rapper will find new ways to use his name in a rhyme.

“I started thinking about all the ones that I could remember and it’s either a nickname, like Drake did with ‘Chef Curry with the Pot,’ or I think Future dropped one in the song ‘Mad Max,'" he said. “And it’s funny to see how they rhyme it because either they do a nickname, the short name, they use number 30 or they just go with the whole full name and just try to write something.”

As for his favorite reference, Curry tipped his hat to Drake's "Chef Curry" line from the Toronto rapper's 2014 hit "0 To 100," as well as Cardi B's 2018 song "Be Careful," where the Bronx rapper shouted out Steph and wife Ayesha's relationship.

“Drake’s for sure is my favorite,” he revealed. “Drake and Cardi B, surprisingly because she had the… I think it was the me and Ayesha reference. She’s like, ‘I want to get married like Steph and Ayesha, but we more like Belly; Tommy and Keisha.'”

Watch a clip of Curry's interview with Vibe up top.

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