Lil Wayne's Dispute With Security at Los Angeles Lakers Game Captured on Video

On Thursday, Weezy claimed he was “treated like shit” at Arena.

Person performing on stage with a microphone, wearing a striped jacket and sunglasses
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Person performing on stage with a microphone, wearing a striped jacket and sunglasses

TMZ Sports has released a video that captured Lil Wayne's confrontation with Lakers security at Thursday Night’s game against the Wizards.

As seen in the clip below, Wayne was walking toward his courtside seats when a pair of security guards stopped him. After a few words were exchanged, Weezy throws his hands up in frustration and walks away.

A witness told TMZ the interaction took place during the second quarter. From that point forward, he didn't see Wayne the rest of the night.

TMZ got the video of Lil Wayne at last night's Lakers game against the Wizards

security stopped him and man just left

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Hours after his exchange with Arena officials, the Young Money rapper hopped on X, formerly Twitter, to voice his displeasure with what went down.

"Wow! Got treated like shit at the Laker game just now," Weezy wrote. "[B]ut I figured they’d do me that sooner or later either bc of what i said abt AD or simply bc they don’t fwm which I been got that vibe from em as well so all good I get it. Fuck em. It isn’t what it isn’t. I’m used to it."

On Friday morning, Wayne appeared on FS1's Undisputed, where he told host Skip Bayless the situation was simply a misunderstanding and that security was just "doing their job.”

“We tried to enter in one entrance of the court,” he shared. “When we got there, security was like, ‘No, you guys go to another entrance.’ … The other entrance he told us to go to, that entrance would be behind the people already sitting down and you have to tap the people on the shoulder and ask them to get up. They have to move the chairs… When I saw that being explained to them I halted, ‘Ay stop, let’s go where they told us to go.'”

He continued, “So we go back to the first entrance that seemed okay. When I started walking to my side, the guy was like, ‘Ah, ah, ah, ah.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God. Not the ah, ah, ah.’ … He was like, ‘I told you guys to go to the other entrance.’ I was like, ‘That’s a bit much. Let’s just leave.'”

Lil Wayne speaks on his recent post about his experience at the Lakers game on Undisputed

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