A Photo of Lou Williams and Jack Harlow Together Is Causing Confusion

On Friday, Clippers guard Lou Williams left the NBA bubble in Florida for undisclosed reasons, but a photo of him with Jack Harlow has fans confused. 

Lou Williams

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Lou Williams

On Friday, it was reported that Clippers guard Lou Williams left the NBA bubble in Florida for undisclosed reasons, but a photo of him with rapper Jack Harlow has fans confused. Lou joins fellow Clippers Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverly in leaving the bubble, and yet a photo that Harlow shared on Instagram has raised questions. 

As many have pointed out, Harlow posted a photo of them together, with face coverings on, sometime on Thursday. While the post was later deleted, the caption read, "A location U would never guess." Due to the NBA bubble in Florida, many have questioned the safety of him interacting with others so quickly, especially since it's unclear if he will return later down the line. It's worth noting, that Williams will be required to quarantine if he does return.

TMZ reports that Harlow responded to questions about the picture on Friday in a since-deleted tweet. "That was an old pic of me and Lou. I was just reminiscing cuz I miss him," he wrote. Almost immediately, Harlow's defense of the situation raised even more questions, especially because he deleted the tweet so quickly, too. He later responded to TMZ's report, simply replying, "Love this pic." 

Lou, meanwhile, posted a tribute to a family member who passed away in the last week. This would indicate that he left the bubble for personal reasons, perhaps to visit the funeral. "Glad I had an opportunity to say goodbye OG," he wrote.

The situation has overall confused NBA Twitter and fans of Harlow. See reactions below.

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