Floyd Mayweather Says UFC Would Give Him $1 Billion to Fight in the Octagon

Floyd Mayweather has been flirting with the idea of fighting for the UFC for quite some time.

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Floyd Mayweather has been flirting with the ideal of fighting for the UFC for quite some time, although whenever the opportunity has come up the boxer has decided to pass. When talks of a fight between him and Khabib Nurmagomedov happened last year, he eventually said he'd only agree to a match if it wasn't in the octagon but in a boxing ring.

In a new episode of Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls interview series, Mayweather indicated that he knows what type of money he could earn if he agreed to fight MMA-style.

When asked about the posibility of entering the Octagon at the 4:50 mark of the interview, Mayweather teased Hart by refusing to rule it out. "Anything is possible, I can go get a deal right now from the UFC," he told Kevin Hart. "Probably three-fight, four-fight, billion-dollar deal if that's what I wanted." Pressed further, he brushed off the question and just mentioned that he isn't hurting for money so he's not in any rush to get in the Octagon yet.

Earlier in the inerview, the subject of Mayweather's former rival Conor McGregor came up, with the boxer calling the Irish fighter "The Caucasian Floyd Mayweather" at the 4:15 mark. "He's a knock-off version," he added. "He's a hell of a knock-off version. [...] I take my hat off to him, I mean he a dog." 

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