Cam Newton Fighting Off a Group of People Has the Internet Laughing at Them for Trying

The group of people were no match for the former No. 1 pick and his trusty hat.

Cam Newton points at the camera
Paras Griffin/Stringer via Getty Images
Cam Newton points at the camera

People on social media have plenty to say to the guys who thought they could jump NFL quarterback Cam Newton at a 7-on-7 football tournament.

In the wild footage, seen below, a group of men approached the free agent and former No. 1 pick and attempted to jump him at the tournament on Sunday, Feb. 25. Newton appeared to toss two people to the side before more showed up and started to throw punches at him. Following the incident, Newton appeared to be unphased by the whole ordeal and did not seem to sustain any injuries.

Cam Newton looks unphased getting jumped 😂

— Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBizTheGod 🇸🇴 (@big_business_) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @big_business_

What's even more insane about the fight is that Newton, who is known for his eccentric taste in fashion, was able to keep his hat on the whole time. The scuffle clearly didn't phase him all that much, and he stayed on his feet despite getting jumped by as many as six guys. But perhaps it's not so wise to think you can take on an NFL MVP who stands at 6 foot 5 and over 240 pounds.

Of course, his ability to fight of multiple men at once while keeping his hat on was what a lot of people on X, formerly Twitter, focused on.

Cam Newton on a random Sunday in late February

— Lisa Snowden (@LisaESnowden) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @LisaESnowden

Dudes in the car on the way home after trying to jump Cam Newton 😭

— Hater Report (@HaterReport_) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @HaterReport_

Cam newton after the fight

— tavonte drakeford (@MrDrakeford) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @MrDrakeford

Others just questioned why anyone would think they could take Newton on, even if he's not currently as active in the NFL due to his free agent status. His record in the league speaks for itself, or at least you would think it would.

That was the vegan version of Cam Newton too. If that man was eating burgers and Bojangles still them boys woulda been in the ICU.

— Jarrett (J-ŘõÇK) (@Jdcostin910) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @Jdcostin910

A list of people I’d rather fight than 6’5 270 pound Cam Newton

— Dylan Holt (@DylanHolt_) February 26, 2024
Twitter: @DylanHolt_

People don't have awareness at all. You dont fight Cam Newton. He's 6'5 270 and communicates in Wingdings whilst dressed like the Wicked Witch Of the West.

— MonsterKing (@CerromeRussell) February 26, 2024
Twitter: @CerromeRussell

Cam Newton after them niggas got reverse jumped

— Cali Caviar⚜️ (@SpenStillTalkin) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @SpenStillTalkin

Imagine watching Cam Newton doing this to other professional athletes and then saying to your homeboy “yea…. We can take em”

— Pat Coletrain (@PatColetrain) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @PatColetrain

Let that Cam Newton video be a lesson: Future ain’t taking down Russell in no physical altercation. 😭

— damita jo (@KiaSpeaks) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @KiaSpeaks

This Cam Newton you trying to fight. Look at the nirvana on his face twisting this man head off lmaooo

— MonsterKing (@CerromeRussell) February 26, 2024
Twitter: @CerromeRussell

Cam Newton took one dude & tossed him off stage, then proceeded to put one dude in a bear hug while grabbing another by the dreads & slung him like a kid all while his hat never came off his head.

Stop thinking y’all can put hands on pro athletes!!!

— Mike Cyprien (@CoachCyp_NOLA) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @CoachCyp_NOLA

Newton, who has a unique way of communicating online (read: ŪÑÏQŪĒ), has yet to comment on his involvement in the brawl.

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