Antonio Brown Gets Into Altercation With Security Guard at National Arena League Game, Video Shows

During an appearance at a National Arena League game recently, Antonio Brown appeared to get into a heated altercation with the venue’s security.

During a recent appearance at a National Arena League game, Antonio Brown appeared to get into a heated altercation with the venue’s security, per TMZ.

Brown was in attendance for Albany Empire’s season-opening game in New York this past weekend, and during halftime, he went onto the field to wave to those in attendance. In a video Brown posted to social media, he could be seen walking on the field when a security guard told him that he needed to leave the field “right now.” When approached Brown responded, “I’ll think about it.” When the guards persisted, he added, “We ain’t going nowhere.”

He later told the guard to “make” him leave the field, and then suggested that he was “the owner” of the venue after he became part-owner of the team last month.

“It’s my field,” he said. 

Upon posting the video to Instagram, Brown criticized the way the situation was handled. “Imagine working to giving back to the city, the community, the players etc ! Helping everyone to accomplish their dreams to be handled like this,” he wrote alongside the clip. “I took over ownership of the @thealbanyempire_ and its been an exciting journey thus far join me on this mission as I push towards furthering opportunities building this community I watch my dad grow up in!”

According to MVP Arena general manager Bob Belber, the former NFL star was asked to leave the field due to safety reasons as the halftime performances were expected to begin at any moment. Brown was accused of attempting to get some of the children in the audience to come on the field, which Belber said would risk their safety. In a moment that was not seen in the video, Brown used language towards the security guard that was described as “pretty aggressive.”

Belber added that there’s expected to be a meeting with Brown later this week, but he isn’t banned from the MVP Arena. “It was a simple misunderstanding,” he said.

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