Colin Kaepernick Shares Full Workout Video With Seahawks Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

The former NFL quarterback and current activist showed off some of his skills via a video from a workout he had with wide receiver Tyler Lockett.

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Colin Kaepernick may be five years removed from the NFL, but he’s still intent on keeping himself in game shape. 

Most recently he did so with the help of Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett and his brother. On Tuesday, Kaepernick posted clips from the workout on social media. 

Lockett appeared impressed by what he saw from the former 49ers starter, tweeting, “that man Kap is ready.”

“Great work today,” Kap tweeted at Lockett. “It felt great being out there with you. Thanks for everyone who tapped in via stream with us. The full video of the workout will be posted tomorrow. Looking forward to doing it again! Who else is working? I’ll pull up.”

Kaepernick—who was released by the Niners one year after taking a knee during the U.S. national anthem in 2016 to protest racial injustice—hasn’t shied away from his aspirations to play professional football. His session with Lockett was actually a result of another tweet, in which he wrote that for “the past 5 years I’ve been working out and staying ready in case an opportunity to play presented itself,” before asking if he could join a workout.

“I’m really grateful to my trainer, who I’ve been throwing to all this time,” he said. “But man, do I miss throwing to professional route runners. Who’s working?? I will pull up.”

Lockett responded to the tweet shortly after saying he was game, and the rest is history.

J. Cole was a supporter of Kap’s grind to improve, co-signing the latest workout, and writing in February that he prays he gets a call to return to the NFL soon. 

“’Y’all musta forgot’ in my @royjonesjrofficial voice,” Cole wrote on Instagram last month. “Imagine 5 straight years spent waking up every day to train at 5am, staying ready in hopes that some team would reach out with an opportunity, no matter how impossible that sounded most days. He probably finishing up today’s workout as I type this right now. I see you bro, and I know God is with you. I pray the day soon comes when you get to play the game you love at the highest level again. I believe. And I haven’t forgot. RESPECT.”

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