The Illest Villains: The 10 Best Miami Heat Plays of 2011 (Video)

Hate 'em or love 'em, but the Heatles have had some amazing moments this year.

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If there's one thing the NBA's been missing for the past few years, it's a good ol' fashioned villain. Well, it's not missing that any more. Since King James and CB4 took their talents to South Beach to join D-Wade, the Miami Heat have become the team that a whole lotta people love to hate. They cry, they get called Rupaul, they sue their baby mamas (okay, so all of those were Chris Bosh), but they also do what all good villains do: they win. Quite a bit as it turns out, and when they're on, this team is on like no squad we've seen since the '90s Bulls in their hey. So, as we prep for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, we present the 10 Best Miami Heat Plays of 2011. Hate the players if you want, but you can't hate their game.

10. "Show Offs"

DATE: 11/6/2010

COMPLEX SAYS: This was the seventh game of the season folks. LeBron to Wade then right back to LeBron for the unnecessary alley-oop. I mean, Flash could've just finished it himself but nooooo, they wanna show off and shit.


9. "Inhumane"

DATE: 12/17/2010

COMPLEX SAYS: At the time, LeBron was Public Enemy No. 1 in New York. The Big Three waltzed into the Big Apple and dismantled the Knicks in James' first appearance at MSG since the "Decision." 


8. "Insult to Injury"

DATE: 12/15/2010

COMPLEX SAYS: Cleveland fans have no one to blame but the Cavs front office. These geniuses didn't want to trade J.J. Hickson for Stat and instead opted for Antawn Jamison. SMH, the rest is history. Oh and by the way, LeBron became the 4th active player with 15,000 points, 4,000 assists, and 4,000 rebounds with that pass.


7. "Jordan-esque"

DATE: 4/3/2011

COMPLEX SAYS: LeBron with the pretty 360 kiss off the glass. Sasha the Machine never had a chance. There's not really much you can do but shake your head and take the ball out. #pointgame

6. "South Beach Shuffle"

DATE: 5/3/2011

COMPLEX SAYS: D-Wade! How bad did Boston look in that series, though? Flash hits the Kid with a euro-step and then crosses Shuttlesworth and buries a three. Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!

5. "Block Party!"

DATE: 3/12/2011

COMPLEX SAYS: What kind of party is it, Kenny? Defense wins chips and the Heat are committed to it. 1 block, 2 block, 3 block, 4. Get them shits outta here. It's not safe anymore.


4. "The Fade"

DATE: 5/3/2011

COMPLEX SAYS: We imagine LBJ and D-Wade came up with this play during a game of Alley-Oop Horse. "Check it, I'm going to toss the rock up over that catwalk next to the scoreboard, you give it a minute or two to come down, then flush that sucker. Cool?"


3. "Abracadabra"

DATE: 2/27/2011

COMPLEX SAYS: A party ain't a party if Erick Dampier can't have none. Say what? That's the real story here, if these dudes can get Damp a ring, they're miracle workers.


2. "The Arrival"

DATE: 5/11/2011

COMPLEX SAYS: James put heads to bed with this clutch performance. He proved the naysayers wrong by scoring ten straight points to put the bombed and depleted Celtics out of their misery, and on the one-year anniversary of this game no less.

1. "Are You Kidding Me?"

DATE: 2/15/2011

COMPLEX SAYS: Yup, that just happened. You can't even pull this off in a video game. This is the litmus test for the haters: if you can't love this play, and respect the players that made it, you don't like basketball. Straight up, there's badminton or bowling being played somewhere, go watch that shit.


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