Adam "Pacman" Jones Says Antonio Brown Faked Head Injury, Deserves Grammy

Pacman Jones is worth the price of admission.

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Adam "Pacman" Jones called into The Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about the Bengals' meltdown during Saturday's playoff game against the Steelers. When the subject of VontazeBurfict's dirty hit on Antonio Brown came up, Jones had some interesting things to say. Not only did he claim that Brown was "faking  it" and that he "deserves a Grammy Award," he also claimed Brown winked at him, telling Dan Patrick:

"Well, I know if you just got knocked out you ain't gonna be able to wink and tell me you're OK, I know that. What do you think?"

Pacman did agree with Dan when he was then asked if Burfict did indeed "clip [Brown] with his shoulder pads," though.

After the game, Jones took to Instagram in a now-deleted video to share his distaste for Steelers coach Joey Porter and the NFL's officiating. Seems like he's still sore about Saturday's loss. At least Jeremy Hill's fumble, and the dumb penalties caused by Burfict and Jones didn't cost head coach Marvin Lewis his job.

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