LeBron James Celebrates Joe Biden's Presidential Election Victory

LeBron James shared his joy over Joe Biden’s election win on Twitter. The Los Angeles Laker shared memes, dances and words of congratulations.

LeBron James

Image via Getty

LeBron James

Like many Americans, LeBron James spent the morning celebrating the news that the presidential election had been called for Joe Biden.

The Lakers star shared memes and celebratory posts to show how happy he was that President Donald Trump was being shown the door. He also took time to thank the city of Philadelphia (for flipping the crucial state of Pennsylvania into a Democratic Party win) and talked about how Trump's removal from the White House would free up his Lakers to celebrate their NBA Finals win.

Elsewhere he compared Biden's win to The Block, his crucial stop of Andre Iguodala in the 2016 Finals.

Ultimately, LeBron was simply elated to celebrate the victory with a cigar. 

The NBA icon even shared that he may change his tune about visiting the White House now that a new administration is occupying it. 


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