Damian Lillard Thinks LeBron James Is Still The Best Player in The NBA

He's not the only one.

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Damian Lillard still thinks that no one can touch LeBron James in the NBA. 

In a new interview with Joe Budden, the Trail Blazers star said he believes that LeBron is still the best player currently suiting up in the entire league. Even with James going into his 17th season and Los Angeles missing the playoffs last year, Lillard didn't pause at all when asked to name the league's best player.

"I think Lebron is," he said. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Lillard said he's tried on multiple occasions to get Carmelo Anthony to Portland and that he's not extending the offer again.  He revealed his past overtures to the currently teamless Anthony in an interview with Joe Budden. Dame said he tried to convince Melo to come to the Northwest the last two times he was available.

" ... he ain't coming here."

–Dame Lillard after two summers of trying to recruit Melo to the Trail Blazers.

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— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) September 3, 2019

"Two years ago, I tried to get 'Melo to come to Portland and he went to Oklahoma City. After that, I tried to get him to come to Portland again and he went to Houston," he said. "He deserve to be in the league but he ain't coming here."

Lillard's admission comes as Anthony enters desperation mode to be on an NBA roster this season. He publicly stated his case for any executives who might be listening on a much-shared segment from ESPN. He also tried to return to the place where he achieved the most success in Team USA, only to be denied by coaches. He has also worked out with both the Knicks and Nets, but neither team has made moves to secure a spot for him.

Lillard previously shared that he wants Melo to have a farewell season, similar to the one afforded to Dwyane Wade last year.

#VoteForMeloFareWellSeason #StopPlayinMelo

— Damian Lillard (@Dame_Lillard) July 29, 2019

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