On Monday evening Damian Lillard called for Carmelo Anthony to get a D-Wade-esque farewell season in 2019-20. Well, he didn't say "D-Wade-esque," but the sentiment comes through.

Earlier on The Breakfast Club, Anthony's trainer said that the former No. 3 overall pick (from way back in '03) was ready to play. He also said he's "easily better than 70 percent of the league."

As for Lillard, people in his mentions pointed out that, if he feels so strongly about it, he should ask the team he plays for to ink Melo to a deal. To Lillard's credit he actually responded to a few of those comments:

NBA front offices remaining unpersuaded seems likely.

On the subject of Melo, La La Anthony recently told TMZ that Team USA should have invited Carmelo play in the FIBA World Championship. "Out of respect [Team USA] should [invite Anthony]," she said. "Who was a better Team USA player than he was? Nobody. But, I'm not saying he wants to play or he doesn't want to play. But if you look at his stats he's the best."

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