Watch: Jaromir Jagr Surprises Traveling Superfans in Calgary

The NHL great finally came face to face with the "Traveling Jagrs".

traveling jagrs
Image via NHL
traveling jagrs

NHL superfandom doesn't get much zanier than the "Traveling Jagrs". The group of hockey buffs hail from Calgary, Alberta, but the men go out of their way every year to honour legendary winger and club namesake, Jaromir Jagr. Not only do they travel and pay admission to see Jagr all over North America, but they do so in full costume. Yes, every one of Jagr's previous thirteen NHL squads is represented by a loyal Traveling Jagr; from his early days as a Pittsburgh Penguin to his more recent seasons skating with the Florida Panthers.

If you're unfamiliar with the hockey icon, best check out this video here. Jagr has been around for a minute now and has broken a whole ton of records, but his future in the league was in doubt this summer simply due to his age— he'll turn 46-years-old next year. With his point production and overall play on the decline, Florida opted to release the Czech star at the end of last season. Despite this, the "European Gretzky" as one traveling superfan calls him, prepared his body and mind for a potential comeback. Eventually the Calgary Flames offered Jagr one more season and 68 happily put pen to paper.

When the Traveling Jagrs found out about their hero settling in Calgary, they copped tickets to his home debut this past weekend. The colourful characters even snagged a pre-game interview with the team to profess their love for Jags, and of course came dressed accordingly. Just when the chat was winding down, Jaromir emerged from the locker room to surprise his fans in person. You can watch the hilarity unfold below via Twitter.

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