LaVar Ball Says LeBron and Lonzo Will 'Fit Together Like a Glove'

LaVar Ball has long predicted LeBron James would sign with the Lakers this summer. With his prediction coming to fruition, he now thinks his son and King James will "fit together like a glove."

LaVar Ball has never appeared to waver in his belief that LeBron James would sign with the Lakers in the summer of 2018—a prediction that, of course, came true on Sunday night. LaVar has consistently referred to King James as "L.A.-Bron." Now that LBJ is in the fold, the question becomes: Will Los Angeles hold on to Lonzo Ball? LaVar recently said trading Lonzo would be the "worst move they ever made."

In a new interview with Overtime, LaVar explained how his eldest son and the four-time MVP can not only play together, but flourish together. "Lonzo and him are going to fit together like a glove," LaVar shares at the beginning of the video below. "How are you going to give my son the best player in the game?... Lonzo makes everybody better, including [James]."

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At the 40-second mark, LaVar explains Lonzo will run the offense and get the ball in LBJ's hands. "Lonzo ain't going to play off the ball," LaVar explained. "How's LeBron going to play point? Lonzo will be pushing and he get it out of his hands too quick. Lonzo don't do all that dribbling. All he got to do is run the lane and the pass going to be right on the money. ...We going to play so fast, he'll throw him touchdown passes and be scoring all day. And then when he don't, he going to throw the long pass and Lonzo will shoot the three-pointer very easy."

Never afraid of calling someone out, LaVar also said LeBron will enjoy playing with Lonzo (6'6") because he is taller than Kyrie Irving (6'3"). "Lonzo's going to get along with anybody he plays with. He's just got that special gift," LaVar says at the 1:05 mark. "And LeBron is going to be fine with that on the fact that Lonzo's not 6'1" or 6'2" like Kyrie. Lonzo's not ball dominant where he just dribbling the ball and you watching him trying to do a crossover and make a layup down the lane. Anybody would enjoy playing with my boy. He's always been like that."

We'll see if the two actually end up playing together. The Lakers may end up shipping Lonzo off in a package for Kawhi Leonard.

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