Age: 21

A kid—because, at age 21, he’s basically a kid—shouldn’t be schooling grown men like LaMelo Ball does on a nightly basis. But props to the most talented Ball brother who has exceeded expectations and taken the NBA by storm after being passed over for the Nos. 1 and 2 sections in the 2020 NBA Draft. Last season’s Rookie of the Year is one of the most exciting players in the league thanks to his incredible vision, his ability to bomb-it-away from beyond the arc, and his fearlessness driving to the basket despite looking like he’s trying to take on defenders that outweigh him by 100 pounds. Few guys finish as smoothly and stupendously around the rim as Ball. And even when he misses, you marvel at how he contorts his body to finish off drives with the most acrobatic layup you’ve ever seen. If we’ve only seen a small percentage of basketball brilliance from Ball so far, he’ll top this list in short order.