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Alba Berlin point guard Peyton Siva has been on quite the journey to become one of the most established players in Euroleague basketball. From having a difficult childhood growing up in Seattle, where his friends and family were surrounded by gangs and drugs, Siva chose basketball as his route out of adversity. The 30-year-old baller had decorated stints in college with Louisville and as a pro in the NBA, before heading to Europe and starting a new life with his family in Berlin. 

But he’s not just got an inspirational story off the court. On it, he’s a pioneering figure who has helped shape the EuroLeague into one of the most exciting sporting divisions in the world. Having balled out with Alba Berlin for six years and winning the German Basketball Bundesliga title in 2020, Siva has been playing in one of Europe’s best teams during an era where basketball has continued to go from strength to strength – with millions both playing and watching the sport across the continent. 

Europe’s influence is now being felt stateside, too. The likes of Rudy Gober, Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic have made big impacts in Europe before dominating the NBA. The division most helping to build the next generation of hoopers from outside America is now undoubtedly the EuroLeague – which has become one of the most tactically forward-thinking and fervently-supported leagues in the world. 

To find out more about why the EuroLeague is becoming such an exciting competition, COMPLEX caught up with Peyton to talk through his rise up from college basketball, making a pioneering move from the US to Europe, and what makes the EuroLeague truly unmissable.