The Steelers' season went from literally perfect to horrible in a matter of weeks. After starting the season 11-0, Pittsburgh went 1-5 in its final 6 games, including the team's blowout playoff loss to the Cleveland Browns.

JuJu Smith-Schuster caught a lot of heat during the Steelers' fall from grace as he seemed arguably more concerned with TikTok dances than actually catching the ball. This reared its head during Sunday night's loss. 

The Browns shocked the world when they put together a wire-to-wire victory over their heavily-favored rivals. Yet as his season was going out in flames, Smith-Schuster thought it was appropriate to sneak in a TikTok dance before the ball was snapped. 

Pittsburgh was trailing 48-29 in the wild card game at the time of JuJu's clip, causing NFL fans to bash the wide-out for the ill-timed moves. They also laid into Smith-Schuster for making TikTok part of his pre/post-game rituals this season.

To make matters worse, this season might be JuJu Smith-Schuster's last dance with the Steelers. The receiver will be an unrestricted free agent heading into the off-season, but it's unlikely that the Steelers will have the cap space to keep the budding superstar.

It should also be noted that Smith-Schuster was the Steelers' only bright spot during the loss, pulling in 157 yards on 13 catches and one touchdown.

Chase Claypool also commented on the Steelers loss, saying the Browns won't last long in the playoffs.