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We have finally made it to draft day, which means we finally have more clarity at the top of the draft, right? Well, maybe. Rumors about trades within the top 3 continue to come out every day, but we have yet to see anything gain much traction. Both Houston and Cleveland have been gauging what it might take to move up to the top spot, but teams like Toronto, Orlando, Oklahoma City, and even Memphis, who moved up to the 10th spot this week, have all been rumored to be interested in one of the top 3 selections. Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green, and Evan Mobley are the main names that teams are looking to move up for, but none of Detroit, Houston, or Cleveland look seriously motivated to miss out on them either. 

After the top three, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus of how the rest of the top 10, lottery, or first round will go. Could we see Jalen Suggs drop out of the top four or Kuminga outside of the top 10? Scottie Barnes and James Bouknight have both continued to rise up draft boards and either going in the top 6 will not be a surprise at this point. 

The first big trade of the draft happened this week when the Memphis Grizzlies took on the salaries of Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams from the New Orleans Pelicans for the Jonas Valanciunas, the 10th pick, 40th pick, and a 2022 protected first rounder from the Lakers. The Grizzlies also acquired the 17th and 51st picks on Thursday. Could this be the first of a many this draft week? With Orlando, Oklahoma City, Houston, and New York all owning multiple picks, there should be plenty of movement when teams are on the clock.