The NBA is so close we can taste it. So close that training camps actually started today. So close that we now know the highly-anticipated slate of Xmas Day games, which is always a huge thing in the league. For all the talk of ratings and everything over the past few months, the NBA really came correct with this slate. Marvel at it below in Woj's tweet. I gasped when I saw it. Just a perfect lineup of games. 

Obviously, in a Covid-19 world, anything can happen, but if that schedule sticks? Man, what a truly great day for basketball it will be. Storylines galore and just downright fantastic matchups across the board. From LeBron and the Lakers against Luka and the Mavs to Kevin Durant and Kyrie against the Celtics, the NBA really knocked this one out of the park. Of course, we hope that this is all played in a safe environment and it will be interesting to see the NBA outside of the bubble, but they're really starting off this season with a bang. Naturally, we decided to rank these five games from our highest excitement and on down. We should note that we're excited for all of them and thankfully they didn't make us watch the Knicks.