The bubble might have been great for teams like the Blazers or Heat, but the Los Angeles Clippers imploded during the modified playoffs. Now, people are wondering what happened to the championship-caliber team, forcing everyone involved to point fingers at each other. 

While talking to the media, former-Clippers coach and now-Sixers' play-caller, Doc Rivers, was asked about Paul George placing most of the blame on Rivers' decisions. 

"Hey listen, I enjoyed coaching him. So not a lot to say there," Rivers began. "[Current Clippers head coach] Ty Lue was sitting right next to me. So he better hope it's not adjustments. It ain't going to be much different. Listen, we lost the game and I think everybody needs to take ownership. Obviously, we could always do better. Players can play better. As far as I'm concerned, I'll leave it there."

During an upcoming episode of the All The Smoke podcast, George told hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson that the way Rivers was using him wasn't conducive to his playing style. 

"Doc was trying to play me like a Ray Allen or J.J. Reddick. All pin downs. I can do it, but that's not my game," he said before talking about blowing a 3-1 series lead to Denver.

"We never worked on adjustments. We never worked on what to do differently," Paul continued. "Just us making adjustments standpoint. We wasn't prepared."

A lot has been said about the turmoil the Clippers waded through. In fact, Six Man of the Year, Montrezl Harrell, made it clear during a game that he doesn't like the lack of accountability Paul George takes. Harrell eventually left the team during the off-season after Rivers was fired to join the team's cross-town rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Paul George's full appearance on All The Smoke will drop on Dec. 10.