The internet was not too kind to Nate Robinson after he was knocked out in his fight with Jake Paul on Saturday, but Rick Ross is happy to show him some support.

In a series of posts shared on his Instagram Story, Ross made sure to let Robinson know that he's still a fan. "We still fuck with you Nate," he said in a clip he shared shortly after Paul knocked Robinson out. "Everything good, n***a. We know you play basketball, n***a, you ain't bought. Somebody tricked you into getting that check, we still fuck with you."

But he didn't stop there, offering even more love to the former NBA point guard. "I'm finna find me a Nate Robinson jersey to put on today," he said in a video he shared on Sunday. "Y'all got the Robinson challenge going on, they pickin' on the man. That's my dog, man. ... I'm gonna find me a Nate Robinson jersey, because this shit ain't right. Y'all did my dog wrong, y'all know he was promoting WingStop. Y'all know that man, man."

After spending some time scouring through his impressive collective of NBA jerseys, Ross later shared a brief clip of him admitting that he didn't have a Robinson jersey. "But this what I want you to do, Nate," he continued. "I want you to still go get you a 50-piece WingStop and find a way to enjoy the day. All the memes going on. Everybody face down, ass up. I get it, I get it. But Nate, you went in there and got you a check, just look at the positive."

Jake Paul managed to get the upper hand on Robinson during both the first and second rounds. After the fight, Robinson thanked everyone for the well wishes and Triller for the opportunity. Paul gave his opponent some props after the fight, too, thanking him for the fight and admitting that it "takes a lot of balls to step in the ring."