Hip-hop star and style icon Pharrell Williams has a reputation for building bridges between worlds that might once have seemed far apart. 

From ruling the airwaves with The Neptunes in the early 2000s, dominating the Billboard Hot 100 and selling out stadiums, to helping lay the foundations of ‘streetwear’ as we know it with the launch of Billionaire Boys Club with Nigo, Pharrell has become renowned for creating masterpieces on whichever canvas he decides to paint on. And that’s without mentioning his collaborative projects with the likes of Chanel, Human Made, and adidas.

Pharrell’s constant activity and output over the last two decades has seen him break down genre tags and stereotypes, bringing once-contrasting scenes and distant sub-genres together and creating a constant ripple effect that can be seen all across popular culture today. Now, at 47, Pharrell remains a blur of motion, invigorated by his endless stream of ideas and ever-evolving identity. 

Fittingly, we speak over the phone while he zips around the Miami while out on a bike ride with his wife, Helen. As you may have seen from the videos of him and Tyler, The Creator standing on top of their BMX’s last year, Skateboard P also loves cycling. But despite hurtling about on a bike on the other side of the world, he glides through the conversation like a pebble gently skimming over a lake. Fresh off the serotonin hit that only a long bike ride outside can provide, Pharrell has a youthful vigour about him that resonates with his ageless appearance, and there’s a reason for this. Despite the wealth of knowledge he can impart on pretty much every aspect of ‘the culture’, the subject we speak about today is one that he admits he’s a beginner on: football.

“Advocating and aligning for something greater than ourselves is a beautiful thing, and that’s what football has the ability to do.”