James Harden reportedly wants out of the Houston Rockets, in part because the owner is a Donald Trump supporter.

As TMZ points out, NBA reporter Ric Bucher reports that the entire organization is tearing itself apart over Tilman Fertitta's Republican leanings and donations. He shared this story on the most recent episode of the podcast The Odd Couple, implying that it's why stars like Russel Westbrook and Harden are looking to play elsewhere. 

"What I heard is, and we know how much politics and political position had to do with the boycott and protests during the Bubble -- I'm hearing that Tilman Fertitta’s strong Republican support and donations is one of the things that is contributing to this dissatisfaction," he said. "There is a revolt here because they look at Fertitta as a guy who supports the current President."

Twitter users heard the rumor and wondered what NBA owners weren't Trump supporters. Unsurprisingly, a 32-person sample made largely of billionaires tends to lean heavily toward whoever the current Republican political leaders are. 

Other users pointed out that the Philadelphia 76ers ownership also has ties to Republicans. That team, along with the Brooklyn Nets, is a frequently cited landing spot for Harden in discussions about a potential exit.