The NBA's silly season shifted into third-gear with the advent of free agency the weekend before Thanksgiving. And now that the 2020 class of unrestricted and restricted free agents have finally signed new deals, it's our duty to grade the decisions made collectively by teams and players. 

While this year's class wasn't anywhere near as sexy as 2019's that was headlined by Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, and a bunch of other certified stars, the 2020 cadre of free agents featured one bonafide top 5 player followed by a number of difference makers who have All-Star potential or have already made a game or two. After that, NBA squads filled out their roster with role players and bench depth with names we're all familiar with and we all have opinions on.

According to Spotrac, there were 213 free agents available that either spent time with a team last season or signed a contract. Not all of them inked a new deal, and surely we're not here to grade every single free agent signing. But for the names that matter and for the moves that warrant it, the Complex Sports squad handed out specific grades.