This feels like déjà vu. Maybe because we wrote a very similar story almost one year ago today, when the Raiders released Antonio Brown. Not even very similar. Pretty much the exact same thing, though with very different circumstances this time around. He ended up on the Patriots, but only played one game after they released him over legal issues. Brown will be eligible to play in the NFL again after week 8, and, according to Adam Schefter, a handful of teams are interested in the former All-Pro WR. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. If you can still play, a NFL team will look to sign you. While the Schefter report only mentioned the Seahawks, it also mentioned that other teams are positioning themselves to try and get in on signing Brown, who hasn't played an NFL snap in over a year. 

With the speculation about Brown's next team sure to ramp up, we picked out five teams, including the Seahawks, that should look to sign AB. 

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