Former NBA player Marreese Speights decided to share a meme that seemingly shaded LeBron James' recent championship win with the Los Angeles Lakers. "Just the messenger...," Speights wrote in the tweet.

Said meme showed photos of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan with a caption that read, "Back then, we used to celebrate threepeats." It continued, "Now kids are out there celebrating four titles in ten tires and call it greatness."

Speights, who previously played for the Warriors and Magic, followed the meme up by saying that he wasn't trying to take a dig at LeBron. "No shots to bron he is one of the best players to ever touch the court," he wrote. "I respect the game in the great players!!!!"

In another tweet, Speights said that he has "his own opinion tho so I don’t really care what the next person have to say lol." He continued, "so take it how you want it... god blessed."

Speights' decision to share the meme drew several reactions with many slamming the former NBA player. Others hypothesized that Speights was still salty about losing to LeBron in the 2016 NBA Finals. You can peep some reactions to it all below.

Shortly after sharing the meme, Speights made his Twitter account private.