The debut episode of Snapchat's eight-part docuseries Conor McGregor Vs the World has arrived, and it highlights controversial moments from Conor McGregor's career, including his behavior towards Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov, two of his biggest rivals. The divisiveness of him as a celebrity is explored, with McGregor explaining, "In order to be truly successful, I need an equal amount of people to love me and an equal amount of people to hate me."

From there, the focus shifts towards McGregor's origins in Crumlin, Dublin, a suburb of the Irish capital. Before getting into MMA, he initially gave boxing a go when he was just 14. He later moved towards MMA, which he said became something of an "obsession" for him.

McGregor's relationship with his coach, John Kavanagh, is also touched on. It wasn't all mentor and student, as they didn't always see eye-to-eye. Ewan MacKenna, the author of the McGregor biography Chaos Is a Friend of Mine, spoke about one instance regarding Kavanagh and McGregor's issues. "He used to have him in his phone as 'Trouble,'" MacKenna noted, before telling the story of when McGregor knocked out a female fighter, which led to Kavanagh beating "the sh*t out of Conor."

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