As he's prone to do from time-to-time, probably when he's real bored (judging from him liking this comment), Kevin Durant responded to a number of amateur online critics during a brief Twitter spree that has taken place over the past 24 hours. This included responses to a few fans mad that he picked the Clippers (rather than the Lakers) to beat the Bucks in the Finals:

And, in turn, a few responses to people who once again brought up the criticism that he coasted to some easy rings by joining the Warriors (yes, I'm fully aware he won two Finals MVPs. I'm not the one tweeting. I just embed):

But, as it turns out, he saved his lengthiest (and some might say pettiest?) response of the round for a critic who uploaded a Soundcloud rant entitled "KD Rant; Clippers/Bucks Take, Why I Always Slander Him, His Pattern of Hoe Behavior." Fair to say that this critic, going by Zee, the Creator, is not amongst your Stephen A. Smith's and Skip Bayless' when it comes to household familiarity but, nonetheless, KD gave him a few responses and apparently started following the guy's girlfriend on Twitter.

A tweet from Durant also makes it sound like he liked a bunch of her pics (which appears to be backed up here). Just read this:

And this:

And also check out this exchange (you know, for background):

If nothing else it's a plug for Zee. One would think this would easily provide enough ammunition for another rant. Don't squander the opportunity. As for KD, whether you like him or not (I mean I do, I don't care about this stuff) these interactions always provide an interesting look into life as an athlete in the age of Twitter.