On Sunday, Bayern Munich claimed soccer superiority over Europe by beating Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 in the 2020 UEFA Champions League Final. The win represented the snapping of a seven-year drought since the last time the German squad hoisted that trophy, in addition to giving them their sixth European title.

Congratulations are certainly in order. 

However, for the purpose of this write-up, we're opting to focus on the reaction of a dejected Neymar, who clearly took the loss to heart (which may be a good takeaway, I mean, right?). As anybody who's ever watched the Little League World Series can attest to, TV people really like to focus on athletes crying. Looks like the same holds true regardless of continent. 

As is the natural order of things in the age of social media, the tearful reaction of a heartbroken international superstar brought subsequent reactions (which were less tearful) from the online commentariat. Let us get to that *long dramatic pause* now: