Green Bay Packers legend and Hall of Fame quarterback, Brett Favre, stopped by Complex's Load Management Podcast, where he claimed that he wouldn't mind seeing his successor man the pocket for one of the franchise's biggest rivals.

Aaron Rodgers' relationship with the Packers front office has been anything but stable. Although he's signed until 2023, it's possible that the Packers could move the 36-year-old to make room for the future. This would be similar to the way Green Bay handled Favre. If this were to happen, Favre isn't opposed to seeing Rodgers exact his revenge as a member of the Chicago Bears.

"I would love to see that," Favre said at the interview's 43-minute mark. However, it's possible that Favre meant it as a backhanded compliment to Bears fans.

"Only because we have killed the Bears collectively," he continued. "I mean Bears fans would probably be like 'I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am so glad Aaron Rodgers in on our team.'"

The Packers selected Rodgers' potential replacement Jordan Love with the 26th pick in this year's draft. Despite making it to the NFC Championship Game under Rodgers, Green Bay traded up four spots to nab Love. The franchise could be looking to repeat the process that made Rodgers a future Hall of Famer by having Love sit behind him for a few years. But once Love is ready to take the reins, the Packers might have to move Rodgers and his massive $138 million contract to clear the runway for Love.

Listen to Brett Favre's full appearance on the Load Management Podcast below.