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According to Sports Business Daily, the Washington Redskins are set to drop their nickname, which they've had since 1933. A formal declaration on the subject is expected to be made on Monday.

This decision (forced or otherwise) comes 11 days after FedEx (who has spent millions on naming rights for the team's home stadium, FedExField) made a recent public announcement asking the organization to pick a new moniker.

Other corporate sponsors, including Pepsi, Nike, and Bank of America, joined with their own public statements on the subject. Additionally, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated that he supported a review.

Sports Business Daily adds that whatever new nickname the team has picked will not be announced on Monday because of pending trademark issues, but that the major news is that the "thorough review" that was initiated on July 3 pertaining to the name change had wrapped up.

Note that on that July 3 date, team owner Dan Snyder stated that the organization was set to "undergo a thorough review of the team's name."

Take your best guess as to what new name they'll go with. And, if you're the compulsive type, feel free to find some site to back that guess up.