While some people have invoked Colin Kaepernick's name as protests over racial inequality and police brutality continue to engulf the country, his girlfriend, Nessa Diab, is here to remind some people how they reacted when her partner was peacefully protesting those same issues.

On a recent episode of his Flying Coach podcast, which he hosts with Steve Kerr, Seattle Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, applauded Kaepernick for his courage. 

"There was a moment in time that a young man captured," Carroll said. "He took a stand on something, figuratively he took a knee, but he stood up for something he believed in."

When a tweet containing Carroll's comments slid across her feed, Nessa took the time to remind him and her followers that he didn't always feel this way. 

"You @PeteCarroll are the same person, on the same team, that wouldn’t hire @Kaepernick7 because he took a knee," Nessa said in a quote tweet. "Don’t ever try to act like you were on his side. You’ve kept him from a job until this day."

She paired her comments with screenshots of past reports claiming that the Seahawks told Kaepernick that he won't be considered for a roster position if he continues to kneel.