On Thursday, Damian Lillard responded to being called a "spoiled and entitled brat" by former NFL player and sports analyst Dan Orlovsky.

Lillard took to Twitter to voice his disagreement with Orlovsky's claims, which were made following comments that Lillard made saying that he didn't have much interest in finishing the NBA season if the Portland Trail Blazers didn't have a real chance at making the playoffs.

Orlovsky initially responded to a tweet under the statement he made during ESPN’s Get Up show about Lillard.

Lillard then quote-tweetd that and responded by saying: "Entitled and spoiled? Mf watch yo mouth. My background , family, and character couldn’t be further FROM entitled and spoiled. I said what I said!"

"If we come back and they're just like, 'We're adding a few games to finish the regular season,' and they're throwing us out there for meaningless games and we don't have a true opportunity to get into the playoffs, I'm going to be with my team because I'm a part of the team," Lillard said to Yahoo Sports on Tuesday. "But I'm not going to be participating. I'm telling you that right now."

That's what triggered Orlovsky to share his two cents on Wednesday's Get Up. "How can you sit there and go, ‘Nope, I’m not going to play, but understand that there’s people out there that don’t have that choice, he said. "They have to go to work. They have to go earn their money. I struggle with sitting here and going ‘you don’t come off, in some way, a spoiled and entitled brat by saying I’m not going to play."

Orlovsky then started to backtrack some of his previous statements after Lillard's response to him.

Lillard quote-tweeted this response as well, suggesting that Orlovsky keep that same energy on television with Skip Bayless so that he can join them and contest his previous claim as well.

You can watch the entire segment from ESPN's Get Up below.

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