This week's installments of The Last Dance touched on how Michael Jordan's intense competitiveness manifested itself in all walks of life, and especially on the Dream Team. One of Jordan's friends and confidantes, Ahmad Rashad, recently recounted a story from that time, that further illustrated what we learned on Sunday. 

On Tuesday, Rashad posted a video that detailed an argument he saw unfold between some members of the Dream Team. Per Rashad, he was in a hotel room with Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Jordan, when an argument started over who has the best NBA team. Because Ewing and Barkley hadn't won a championship, Bird made them watch him, Jordan, and Magic hash things out.

The conversation then transitioned to who is the best player. That's when things got heated. 

"Michael and Magic got into it. They were talking back and forth with each other, and it was really funny. I was sitting over there with Larry Bird and we were just watching," Rashad said. "Then finally, Michael gets very upset and says, ‘Listen, all I’m telling you—I’m telling you, Larry, and I’m telling you, Magic—if you don’t quit, every time I see you next year, I am busting your ass. When I come to your arena, I’m busting your ass. I’m warning you right now, you better quit."

After time went by, Rashad says Bird looked over at Magic and said "You and I were then and Michael Jordan is now." Shortly after the 1992 Summer Olympics concluded, Bird decided to retire from professional basketball. Magic Johnson—who was already retired after contracting HIV—did mount a comeback season, but not until 1996. 

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