Shaquille O'Neal contributed to the cost of a child's funeral, after a Louisiana family lost their son in a car accident earlier this month, TMZ reports.

Just over two weeks ago, a single car containing an adult (the driver), and four minors went through a stop sign prior to crashing into a ditch and then hitting a tree in the small Louisiana city of Breaux Bridge. Two of the kids in the backseat, 12-year-old Trayvon Alexander, and 11-year-old Keshon Batiste, were pronounced dead on scene. The other passengers were injured, but are expected to recover

Trayvon's family had insurance to cover the burial completely, though Keshon's did not. That led to his loved ones trying to cover the difference through a GoFundMe page. Ultimately, they came up about $4,000 short prior to O'Neal stepping in. 

Retired chief deputy officer Phil Conrad, who previously worked at the Lafayette City Marshal's Office, told TMZ that Shaq, who somehow received word about what had happened, recently wired the money "immediately" so that the family of Batiste had what was necessary to conduct a proper service. 

The two boys were laid to rest on Saturday. 

TMZ reports that, prior to this most recent gesture, Shaq has done this "several times," with previous instances including payment for the funeral of seven-year-old Jasmine Barnes, and also payment for a service after a 13-year-old accidentally shot himself while displaying a gun on Instagram Live. 

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