Michael Jordan's friendship with Scott Burrell is one of the many interesting aspects of ESPN's The Last Dance documentary, and the most recent episode saw MJ playfully calling Burrell out for his non-stop partying. In the clip, the two can be seen on a plane when MJ jokingly calls Burrell "Dennis Rodman Jr.," which he clearly wasn't a fan of.

"This man never gets sleep. Dennis Rodman... Jr.," Jordan said, to which Burrell turned around to the camera. "Hey don't say that on camera yo," he replied. "He never gets his sleep. Single man and he thinks he can hang out all night," Jordan continued, while Burrell protested the conversation being caught on camera. "If he's committed to one girl it's a lie. It's a lie. He's out there every night."

When Burrell told Jordan that his mom and dad are going to watch the footage, Jordan looked directly into the camera and said, "Mom and dad, he's an alcoholic."

Burrell is married to sports reporter Jeane Coakley, and she was loving the moment just as much as everyone else. When people asked her how she was feeling after the episode aired, Coakley chimed in on Twitter. "I was in high school when 'baby Rodman' was at his peak," she responded to a tweet asking about her response. Another Twitter user advised her to "mute" the last five minutes, and she replied, "Nah, I want hear about 'baby Rodman.'"

When someone listed Burrell telling his family he wasn't coming home as one of the Ls of the night, Coakley said it was a W in her book.

See how Twitter reacted to the moment below.