In a since-deleted tweet, Baron Davis has revealed that he thinks a Dominos pizza guy stole his car. The craziest part about the tweet, however, isn't the theft but what Davis said he was willing to do to get his Range Rover back.

"Someone stole our car last night," he tweeted. "Smh. Got it on camera. Believe it's the dominos pizza guy. Death toll going up forsure. Black Range Rover kingman 5 on the license. Any tips I'm paying. A lot." The tweet, understandably, has garnered a lot of reactions. The "death toll" part of the tweet, in particular, has got people talking. He has yet to follow-up with another tweet to clarify what he meant, but the two-time NBA All-Star didn't leave it up for long.

Reactions to the tweet are sparse because of how swiftly he deleted it, but many have joked that Davis put a hit out on a pizza delivery guy on Twitter. Others advised him to delete, while others just appeared to be in shock at the sheer absurdity of it all.

See what Twitter had to say about the tweet below.