Drake was living his best life during Friday's Raptors game in Toronto. 

The team's global ambassador was sitting in his assigned courtside seat during the contest, which just so happens to be next to the team's broadcast duo. Naturally, the biggest artist in the world went on air for a good chunk of time, and used the moment to pump up his team, playfully rip some Raptors, and issue some slight digs at some of his recent, equally famous, pick-up basketball opponents. 

As anyone with a phone saw, Drake recently hooped in a star-studded New York game alongside Quavo and Justin Bieber. On Friday, a basically unprompted Drake joked, "We don't wanna talk about scrubs on the air though, you know what I mean? Quavo and Bieber. How dare you?" He probably could've dug a little deeper on his recent opponents, but decided to salsa dance instead.

Drizzy was clearly having a good time, indicated by the following joke he made about Raptors guard Fred VanVleet's post-break tan. 

Oh, and here is still soaking in that championship glow

Naturally, people had thoughts about Drake's unexpected broadcasting session.

All the content above is probably the greatest argument for the Raptors going deep in this year's playoffs. Bow down to Drake, content lord.