Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder held a press conference on Thursday to introduce Ron Rivera as the team's new head coach. As soon as he took the podium, however, he decided to wish everyone in attendance a Happy Thanksgiving. Without skipping a beat, he said those words out loud on Jan. 2, which definitely is not Thanksgiving. 

The moment was captured and shared on Twitter by a number of people, generally inspiring confusion among fans. 

People chimed in on Twitter to try and break down the situation, which makes less sense the more time goes on. The phrase even trended on Twitter, giving the Redskins a strange start to 2020.

Some, however, interpreted the moment as an obtuse joke, rather than a bizarre slip-up. Rivera was fired from the Carolina Panthers midway through 2019 shortly after the team lost to the Redskins around Thanksgiving. Even if it was a chance for Snyder to crack a joke, most fans just seem to be bewildered by his comments.

The move to hire Ron Rivera comes after the Redskins missed the playoffs for their fourth consecutive season, finishing last in the NFC East with just 3-13. 

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