It all started with analyst Brandon Tierney expressing his own personal observation on Twitter about the Brooklyn Nets

Tierney's take elicited a question with an obvious answer from Nets star Kevin Durant, who ventured onto the app Wednesday evening with his team off until Friday.  

Once someone finally said exactly what Tierney was getting at, that's when the ball really got rolling for KD. 

There was a brief tangent about how loud the Barclays Center crowd was during the Nets' overtime loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  

Then, there was the obligatory Knicks vs. Nets debate, which brought us back to the initial topic regarding his team's relevancy. 

KD also took some time to acknowledge his haters.

If it sounds like we're just going through the motions with Durant vs. NBA Twitter, it's because we are. KD does this every now and then. What was the reason behind starting his latest battle royale on Twitter?